Thursday, September 25, 2008

A good offense is to be offensive?

This is sick... and truly offensive I just warned you.

Time for Faithful Pastors to Go on the Attack!

I just have three questions...

1. Are we really starving with more churches and bibles in the USA than any other country?

2. Are we supposed to be dependant on our pastors to "feed us"?

3. How is using a picture of a starving man not using pragmatism?

OK... I really have more questions than that... but to me there is a fundamental and foundational misunderstanding of the real issue. It seems that some see that they are free to do anything yet anyone they deem lesser than themselves can do nothing right. This is sick. There is a sickness that is out there and it is from lack of biblical nutrition... in fact the postcard is part of the issue. The meat of the Word is in the "Doing of the Word" not in going to church and sitting in a pew and letting someone spoon feed you every week. Let those pastors attack... it seems that is what they do best.

And yes I get it... but it is so wrong and off base that it is not only offensive, but it is promoting people to not be dependant of Jesus, but on a man. To me this is a perfect example of the promotion of a "man-based" faith that misses the mark completely.

We are to become like Jesus, not like our pastors... even if they are truly great men. Chris Rosebrough seems to think that the answer is keeping people in diapers and not integrating their faith in their life. I say that as anyone who promotes spoon-fed christianity misses that we are to be not just hearers of the Word, but doers.

The milk is at all churches.... it is fed to us from all pastors... If Chris R and Ken Silva really want mature Christians out there... they need to call for doers of the Word and not focus on the milk and superficiality of "Churchianity."

For what others are saying about this I recommend this post.

The Gospel is of Good News... not of sensationalism... not of scare tactics of this world.



rick said...

Not sure where to begin to be offended, Iggy.

A tasteless marketing idea? That's pretty bad.

A time-honored "solution"? Yeah, blame the current state of Christianity on the pastor. That's worked so well for us in the past.

A lack of alternatives? The message says, "I'm in the business of stealing church-going sheep from pastors I personally deem unworthy." Pretty glaring, isn't it?

A monumental egocentricity? Not only does the card say everyone else is doing it wrong, but XYZ Church is doing it right. Riiiiiiight. And how do we know that? Well, because the pastor of XYZ Church SAYS it. Um hm.

This is like the kettle corn vendor at the fair offering to give us something with substance that we can't get at the cotton candy vendor.

The first step in solving a problem is to correctly identify the root cause of the problem. Like you point out, we haven't established that more pulpiteering will alleviated the famine.

Jason said...


You gotta stop reading those crazy blogs.

Go on a fast or something.

That post card displays much about the character and integrity of the watchdog bloggers.


Unknown said...

Rick and Jason,

I took two days before I wrote anything... trying to decide if I should or even wanted to. I am so tired of this so called "righteous" junk food passed on to others from so-called "mature" Christians...

These guys have shown time and time again that the bible means little to nothing... or that they are so blinded by their own relativistic theological bend that they cannot see beyond the teachings of the men they follow.

Jason, interestingly I had stayed away for about two weeks from any of them... I occasionally popped in to to see how the guys were doing, but recently decided to stop posting as I was tired of some who seem only bent on arguing... one even was nice enough to come to my blog and tell me how wrong I was while all the while basically restating what I stated in my post! That is how far out some of these guys are.

What is the answer? Do I stop comments? Do I censor comments? I have tried both in the past and see that neither are satisfying. How can I have a "conversation" if I do not converse?

As far as reading these guys posts... I did not do it intentionally at all LOL! Really gotta believe me. I went to and then ended up in hell after following the links...

Really I found greater peace in not reading them, yet this was just so outrageously stupid, how could I pass it up? LOL!

Be blessed,

Doorman-Priest said...

I find it hard to be offended much anymore. I can't decide whether that is a good or bad thing.

BTW: I like the new picture. I think the word is "gravitas".