Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Great Way of Reading Your Bible...

I want someone to tell me how this is wrong to do...

  • READ: Read deeply - read fully - let your imagination wrap around the words. read for insight and discovery. pay attention to what grabs you.
  • THINK: Seriously - give it time to soak into your head… meditate on what you’ve read. think through it. let your mind consider the ins and outs of the passage. again, pay attention to what sticks out to you.
  • PRAY: talk to God about what He’s saying to you through this reading. tell Him what grabbed your attention. ask Him how you should apply it to your life.
  • LIVE: don’t just be a hearer, be a DOER. apply the truths and revelations of the passage to your life.

Now go here and find out if you still think it is a good thing... as many people seem to be critiquing this method as evil and bad... yet I bet that they also practice this without realizing it!

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Click here or more info on this method


Adam said...


I think some folks are afraid that lectio divina will lead to a heretical spirituality; as if using the Scriptures as a tool for worship rather than an intellectual end in themselves is dangerous. So long as the prayer and study are tied to the Scriptures I can't see what harm it does. After all, who becomes a Christian only to know about God? Most people I know want intimacy with our Heavenly Father, and this way of reading Scripture has been incredibly helpful in drawing me into the heart of Christ.


biblelucid said...

Thanks for your good method of bible-reading.
God is the author of the Bible.
Our merciful God always gives us the exact meanings of the words when we ask Him about the words, I think.
Read and read, meditate, and pray for the exact meanings of the words to God, and do it in our lives.
The author of the Bible, God wants us to do so, I am sure. Thanks again.

iggy said...

"I think some folks are afraid that lectio divina will lead to a heretical spirituality; as if using the Scriptures as a tool for worship rather than an intellectual end in themselves is dangerous."

I agree.

I found in my walk that IF I believe the bible is s "living" book which God speaks to us, that just reading it intellectually misses the point. Reading it intellectually in and of itself is not wrong... but one can have head knowledge and miss the relational aspect that comes by worship.

Also I ahve found that many that are "afraid" do not trust the Holy Spirit and think we must bridal God's Spirit some way so that people don't go off into heresy... which if one takes time to think... is ludacris and anti-biblical as can be! LOL!


Thanks, though it is not "mine" per say... I agree that God is the author so that being true He would know what He meant. Often over the years I have really studied out a passage and concluded its meaning, only to later come back and read it and have the Spirit speak and show me how wrong I was! LOL!

Jesus stated that the Holy Spirit would teach us...

I am not stating that we follow every idea or thought, but dwell in the Life of Christ and let God's word wash over, in and though us by His Spirit to guide us in all truth.

Be blessed,

Roland said...

Its funny that I have a problem with it for a different reason.
I like the system.
It encourages spiritual growth and learning.
I get more bothered by the wikpedia notes on doing it at certain times of the day.
I guess if you have trouble that's a great way to start.
But I read whenever possible.
I meditate often.
I try to make God foremeost in my thoughts and actions. (kind of like tying his words to my forehead and hands) :)
I desire God's words.
I desire to see the life lived out that God wants.
In everyone.
But I have to start with me.
I guess that makes me bad in some peoples eyes.
Because I try to actually live out the life God has given me.
It seems that you do too.
I like that.
It encourages me to see other people who use what God has given them.

iggy said...


I understand as when I was a young man i was "taught" that I needed to "discipline" myself and have prayer/journal time. There is nothing wrong in that time, but it was supposed to "keep me from sinning" if I followed the "formula".

(man there were a lot of quotes in that sentence!) = )

As I found out I could pray for two even three hours, walk out the door and see a hot little thing walking down the street and totally lose and "sanctification" I gave myself.

Now, notice there is a ton of bad stuff using good things in that story. I now blog instead of journal, though at times I do write down my more intimate thoughts for myself. I do not pray 2 or 3 hours at a time as I learned prayer is like breathing. I do is all the time.

I see the "time" in Wikipedia is more the idea of discipline. Now, I do not think self discipline adds to my sanctification any more.. but I still see I need it. I also see the practical side of a set time, that one can have a time that is uninterrupted to give total focus on God and His Word and to listen to the Spirit.

I loved it when I was unemployed (not that unemployed part, but the time part)... I would go with my bible to the Rims and sit over the city of Billings and read and pray. I had great times with God praying for Billings... I also gained some great insight into myself, God and even this city.


Doorman-Priest said...

I have a fear of Bibolatry. The word became flesh not book. The Bible is an important tool in spiritual growth, but it one of a number of tools.

iggy said...


Great point. If you poke around my blog a bit you will see I talk about this. I see that the bible has no authority without the Author. The Word become flesh. In the written word we are given the revelation of this.

I see that since Jesus is living and the bible is of Him and to reveal Him, the bible is living because of Him and by Him and through Him.

Again, we should never confuse the bible with God or Jesus... but understand that there is a connection and union between Jesus and the bible.

I have some people who claim I do not believe in the "certainty" of the bible, I reply I am certain in Jesus and since He gives the bible authority, then I am certain. I do not trust in the "bible" but in God at His Word...

It is subtle... but if one confuses these things they fall into bibliolatry as you stated... and worship the book and not the God. I see this as a method to worship the God of the bible and not the bible itself.