Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Please pray

There is a fire in Molt Montana and my cousins farm is right in the line of the fire. They could lose everything including livestock and home.

This is also the family Ranch and has a rich family history so much will be lost.



Update: I want to thank everyone that is praying. I had received a frantic call from my cousins wife that the fire was very close to the farm house. She was in a panic. It seems that the fire was close but not as close as she thought. My cousin was at the farm taking care of his grandchildren and grand niece all very little babies. He decided to leave the area as the smoke was too bad. I have not heard anything since as they seem to not be at the farm and reception for cell phone in that area is very touch and go. The winds are a huge problem here as anywhere else so there may be still an issue.

Again thanks for your prayers I will give updates as I hear anything.

Update 2: The fire was contained and it is raining a bit. The fire stopped outside of Park City I have a relative that has been developing some housing and the fire stopped one mile from there. It also burned around one of my cousins buildings and missed the house and structures completely. Strangely it burned up to another relatives fence line and stopped.

Again, thanks for all the prayers!


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