Thursday, April 17, 2008

Modern church news, from an old church perspective

UPDATE: As I stated when I posted this, Jim does things like re-route people he does not like... Well with unfailing predictability, Jim Bublitz showed his true nature by redirecting links to him back here which just proved my point... but what's new! Thanks Jim! LOL! Oh btw if you are so inclined to go to use the "snap shot" link. If Jim bans or re-routes that he will loose anyone that uses "snap-shot". ; ) just like he has just banned anyone who uses my ISP in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota...
Modern church news, from an old church perspective is a title of a certain blog that claims not only to be holding the the "truth" but to also have high integrity... yet if you know that blog you will agree somehow it seems to all fit that blog really good!
This article just reminded me of an Old friend and his tactics.
(I can't wait to see where he sends you! LOL!)
I saw this picture and just went down memory lane as I thought about how "certain" all the ODM's are.

Remember to also keep praying for the fire victims.

"Another blogger notified me of your mention of my site today, and I must say - I agree with you on the false advertising appearance that you pointed out, as it relates to posting links on pro-seeker listings.

I was given the website domain that you mentioned, by a previous owner who apparently set up whatever it is that you saw. If I find my site falsely listed under wrong directory categories in the future I will pursue having the link delisted."

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