Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why does this disturb me?

I understand what this artist is doing, and I think in a way it is pretty cool... yet there is something just weird about these pictures.

I do believe Jesus is with us at all times. I know I have sensed His presence at times as if he literally was standing over my shoulder as I studied scripture.

Maybe it is the drawing of Jesus and that he looks like one of my "grunge friends" of the the 1990's.
Maybe this confronts a side of me that does not desire that much intimacy with Jesus. Maybe I think Jesus has more important things to do than help one with their golf swing....

I found this through ship of if one was wondering. Which brings me to something else.

I have gone to that site numerous times and have yet to be able to get on. I seem to download forever and that is as far as it gets. Has anyone tried ship of fools?



Larry said...

Just checked out "Ship of Fools" and had no problem connecting.

The pictures don't really seem weird to me; just kinda blah! Perhaps the pics just don't look weird to a weird person. :)

eric St.Clair said...

That is awesom. I love the one with Jesus and the body builders. The face jesus is making is awesome. It looks like Saturday Evening Post the Jesus years. I needed the break from life thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hear you. The presence idea is important and I gotta commend the artist for his creativity. On the other hand, that Jesus face is a little creepy.