Friday, October 21, 2005

Life is Whacked!

It seems like i get these jobs that seem, well whacked!

This is a bit of a story here so hang a bit with me. I may even ramble a bit as i am trying to connect this with something that makes some sense.

I applied for a job with a local cell phone company, and it looked like I had the job. I mean they said I was starting it on Wednesday... this was Monday, so i had to quit my job delivering cars for the car dealership, which I did on Tuesday.

Are you with me so far?

Wednesday came and about 4:50 I called and left a message saying, "I quit my job yesterday... you said I was starting on Wednesday, so.... could you get back to me about when i am starting?"

You see in the course of doing interviews I could not deliver vehicles... so any money for about 3 weeks... and it was slow again in getting calls.

Backing up a bit, my wife came home on Tuesday, saying that there was a position open at the local paper... (Billings Gazette) and they were interested in my applying, which i did.I did an interview, and boy was it bad. I had a bit of a cold and was taking some nighttime cold medicine so my head was groggy. It was the worst interview i think I ever did. I had done 3 great interviews, which one was with the president of the company... which from what I was told did not happen that often... I was to be impressed.

I went dragging my tail back to the car dealer and begged for my job back....The GM said no problem, but he had to talk to one of the owners... which when she came in I asked and got, "I DON"T KNOW!" (I hate the little games they play) I went back to the GM and he said he would talk to her and call me to let me, know if i got the job back. I thought they would let me come back, but only after they punished me a bit. They are that petty.

The end of Friday I was pretty beat then I get this call. "Hey man, how're you doing? We decided to not hire you, as I don't think I could get you the hours you need. Also, you mentioned benefits and without the hours you won't get those, so bla, bla,bla,bla,bla,bla,bla... you are on the top of the list when something opens up."
Then the Gazette called again."We would like to do another interview with you on Monday."Now, I have yet to hear from the dealership, and really I need to move on from them, as I feel so often compromised ethically as I work there. I decide to go to the Gazette interview.

Monday I get the new job.

I am in charge of all the single copy delivery. Meaning, those paper vending machines, I work on those and manage the night delivery drivers to get the machines filled.

God has a sense of humor, often I don’t laugh at His playing. I will say as I was attending at my first meeting, I had this feeling my phone would ring… so I did the courteous thing and set it to vibrate. And sure enough it rang, a salesman needed a driver. I called him later and said I am no longer working there as no one bothered to call me to tell me I had my job back.

I was called 3 more time since then… I think they may understand I am seriously gone.

I know they would call me when they needed me. As now two drivers are on vacation, which leaves them with 3 on call. They are very short handed.

As I reflect, and again this is a bit lengthy and rambling so I apologize. I see many things. The most obvious is this.
I left a lifestyle I did not feel was ethical for me to live. My job often left me in personal conflict between doing my job the best I could and seeing people who have no business buying cars, getting deeper in debt. I was tired of seeing how sales and management seemed to often lie to banks and to the customer. I was tired of the games they played with people’s lives. The money was pretty good though when the runs came in.

The Hebrews often complained and wanted to turn back to Egypt. I went back, but was not welcome with open arms. So I wandered until God opened the doors.
I am not saying this new job is the promise land. But, it does set me free from living a compromised life.



Anonymous said...

Been a while since I dropped in on your blog...glad things worked out. Yes, that was certainly a God-sense of humor.

iggy said...

Welcome Dwayne!

With me in times of crisis God seems to break through with some humor... this was liiiiitle subtle for me, yet I got the point and am thankful for what He is doing.

I should write a post about some of the “jokes” God has told me at times.
He has a way of phrasing words that often one must answer honestly. Which is good but often not feeling that way at the time.