Sunday, August 28, 2005

From unadoptable to God's child

For some reason I can’t get past this ugly dog story. I was thinking about how we often have such ugliness in our own life, and how we often are quick to judge others who we deem, “different”.

Here is the story as I understand it, taken from Sam”s (the ugly dog name) website.

"Sam is a purebred, yes that's right, a purebred Chinese Crested Hairless. He's almost 15 years old and was taken in as a rescue over five years ago by Susie Lockheed. He was considered "un-adoptable" by local shelters. Susie took him in on a 48-hour trial period. During that time he lived in a cage because he acted like "Cujo" the rabid dog. Susie had to shove food and water into the cage and run. The 48-hour trial became several days, and then Sam just walked out of the cage and became one of the pack (other hairless dogs who found harbor in Susie's domain)."

Susie Lockheed loves animals. She was willing to take into her house a dog all others considered “unadoptable”. Even she was a bit afraid it seems and took care to not take chances that this dog could be dangerous.

What was the redeeming Grace that saved Sam? Susie’s love. Sam responded to Susies love and and soon entered into a new family. Can you see the parallel I am getting at?

God loves you. He is willing to take time to give us mercy and suffer our behavior to show us His love. When all others see you as un-adopotable, God through Jesus, calls you his child. As we respond to God’s love His love enters us and we begin to love others. Soon we find our self in God’s family of other redeemed un-adopotables. Then God adopts us out of His love for us.

We become God’s child, enter His family by His love and now can return love to Him and others.

We come from this.

To this.

Then even better, we are clothed in God righteousness and will be alive Eternally with God
and be in the presence of His Love forever.



Larry said...

That is one UGLY dog!!!

We can be thankful that our sins are washed by the blood of Jesus, and that He stands between God and us hiding our ugliness.

Hugo said...

It was hard just *looking* at the dog :-) But I like your analysis of the story. Thanks :-)

Blessings & Peace,