Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jailed Pakistani Christian Released On Bail

I was not going to comment on Guantanamo Bay, or the Amnesty International statement, but after reading this and several other account in Islam countries my blood began to boil.

Jailed Pakistani Christian Released On Bail
Jeremy Reynalds, Assist News Service
A Christian believer who ran afoul of Pakistan's strict blasphemy law has just been released on a bond of $4200. Yousaf Masih, 60, was arrested on June 28 from the Lalkurti area in Nowshera following an allegation that he had deliberately burnt pages of the Koran. After Masih's arrest, a news release from the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) stated that he was brutally tortured in a police station and later moved to the Central Jail in Peshawar, where he was kept in a special cell. There was serious concern beginning to emerge about Masih's health. Masih was released from jail on Aug. 6. The news release from APMA stated that when Masih was informed about his impending freedom, "he fell down on his knees and loudly said, 'Hallelujah.'. We took him from Central Jail in Peshawar to a location where his family was waiting for him." Speaking in the news release, an APMA official called Masih's release on bail "a great miracle." He added, "It is for the first time in Pakistan that (someone accused of blasphemy) is released from jail on bail in a very short span ... Such type of blasphemy cases take years for any kind of outcome."

I have a big beef with Amnesty International...

How can they say the things about Guantanamo Bay, which I agree was a human rights scandal..When this sort of stuff is a daily event in any Muslim country?

I am not anti Muslim, just curious as to why those of the Islam faith do not stand against this sort of abuse? I do applaud the London Muslim community for finally saying that anyone who kills themselves and takes innocent lives is going straight to hell....That was very late in coming. Yet, even in that, the radicals definition of "innocent" is very tainted.

Amnesty International was a great organization..At least I thought. Now, I wonder...Are they really out for human rights? Or are they just like so many, out for the money....

At this time I withhold any support for Amnesty International.
Pray for those persecuted Christians in Arab and other nations.



Bible_sponge said...

hi iggy, havent been here in a while. LOL whats up?

iggy said...

Hi Bible Sponge,

Well, since you kind of asked. July was like this....

First I got pneumonia, then getting well just a day before my daughter was born.... thank God, as I
was to coach my wife through labor.... Ciana enters the world! She may be the little Italian in a family of blond Scandihoovians..... My wife has Swede and Italian while my family is of light skinned Celtic descent.... some of the family are blond and blue/green eyes with pale skin and the others are dark with dark hair. Did I mention she is beautiful? (proud dad here).

Then my son came down with the flu.... all over Taco Bell......I think it was a Campbell product.
Then I got the chance to experience this wonderful event.... this lasted only about a day or two...
I did have the comfort of home and not Taco Bell.

Then my son got a sore throat, along with my mom.... (she lives with us)
Thought we were all out of the woods, but at a family reunion we where helping host.... my throat began to ache... and still does though a bit less.... and my son? Oh, he is a champ and
seems to feel great.... I think I should not have shared the ice cream bar with him......

Mind you we have a new born and now my wife is getting the throat thing......

The doc says little Ciana should be getting the antibodies from my wife..... I hope so, as it hurt!

So, thus ends July and enters August.

Through all that I have seen God move like I haven't in ages! Funny how that is.

Hey, did I mention Ciana is now gaining weight? She was never really in danger, that is (was) Fischer's (my son) job.

Funny thing is I think this is one of the best times of my life..... now aren't you glad you
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