Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Please help keep iggyROCKS! on the air.

It is that time of year again... time to raise money to keep the station going. Personally, I hate to even ask for support, but that does not seem to be the way it goes. God has used this little station in ways I could not even imagined years ago when I started it as just a hobby. I have found people from many different countries that listen and am amazed that though little in size, iggyROCKS! has a global presence. I have even noticed from the statistics that iggyROCKS! is sneaking into countries that "Christian" stations are not allowed. While I do not want to put down other mega stations, (those stations have their place) their cost is in the multi millions! Meanwhile the cost to keep iggyROCKS! is around $500 a year. Image, per dollar and a global outreach versus multi millions of dollars, that by supporting iggyROCKS! with little cost, how much more your money does.

I believe the reason iggyROCKS! has grown and become what it has is do to the reason we stay true to music and teaching and entertaining shows. The music played most likely will not be heard on many stations, and often is by unsigned artists that would never get airplay otherwise. The teaching is picked purposely to create discussion and thought to add deminsion to a person's faith. The shows are picked to entertain, teach about faith in Jesus and to point out new music.

All we need to cover costs this year is $250. Please pray and consider helping if you can.


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