Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jesus has a parking spot for you...

Just wanted to share a cute story about my son.

My wife was taking him to the Doctor today and the parking lot was full... My wife said a quick little prayer, " Jesus, help us find a close parking spot." As she needed to get Fischer and Ciana both in the build and the other parking spots were across the street.

As they came around the corner my wife saw a truck beginning to back up, and stated to Fischer and Ciana, "look Jesus has a parking spot for us!"

Fischer, stated, "Jesus has a parking spot for us?"

TES (my wife) said, "Yes.", as she pulled in...

My wife stated, "Thank you Jesus."

Fischer stated, "Thank you Jesus."

TES then said, "Jesus is saying thank you, back."

Fischer smiled his broad smile and stated..."THANK YOU JESUS."

I know that there are huge atrocities out there, and people everyday pray and seem to get no answers... yet I know that God answers all prayers, according to His good and perfect will. In that things to us might not make sense... but I believe even in the hardest of things, God has a parking spot for us.

Be blessed,


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