Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ken Silva raises missing the point to a new art form

There is a post by Ken Silva at who help people with porn addiction. This ministry has helped many people and has even helped some porn-stars find Christ and leave the porn industry. Now, I may not agree with some of their tactics but I do see real fruit coming from this ministry.

But Ken seems to think that Jesus does not love porn-stars or people addicted to porn...

Here is part of what Ken Silva aka "Comment Author proporn Comment Time Apr 11th 2007" (interesting name that Ken Silva chose....) had to say:

"Since this supposed XXXchurch is quite a titillating and very questionable area of “ministry,” which young people would probably think is “cool,” I began to wonder if Rob Bell was involved in some way. Was I surprised to find out that Rob Bell “knew these guys.” Nope. Did it catch me off guard that Rob had been the one who would be instrumental in bringing, ahem, exposure to their “work” for Christ? O, most definitely not! Somehow I just knew Bell would be at the bottom of this spiritual sewer. And sure enough, clever Rob would be the one to come up with the catchy li’l title “Porn Sunday.”"

Ken was hoping to "catch" these "rebellious" emergents in all their vile nastiness... yet it seemed to backfire.

And why had Ken not really pointed this out? Because he would rather continue in the sin of slander against people and ministries that state the truth.

Be sure to read all the 21 (real nasty and rebellious) comments... and you will see the only nasty one is Ken Silva himself.


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Ken Silva said...


I guess you've a bit more work to do on your "research" skills because I'm afraid that the only one who "raises missing the point to a new art form" is you.

Personally I have zero idea who "proporn" is, but I can assure you it isn't me. So the only "backfire" here is iggy "hoping to 'catch'" Ken to slam me.

Once again you miss by a mile. So now you have two things you owe me an apology for 1) "you will see the only nasty one is Ken Silva himself" because I made no comments there and 2) insinuating I published Julie Jones email without permission.

If you'd actually read it closely you would have seen that right within it she ASKED me to publish it. Better be a bit more careful before you cast your stones there iggy.

Unknown said...


Now, you have just lied about me twice, (well more than that but who really cares as i lost count)

1. Then you deny that you wrote that comment/letter to In order to post a comment one needs an account. If you did not post that comment, then set that record straight as it looks as if someone did it for you. I see no need to apologize as it is as it looks. Now, you have yet to correct things stated about me concerning my ministry being "just a discussion forum" which it is not... yet you still continue to lie and come here to show how self righteous you are, but ignore real questions you are asked.

2. Yes, I read the letter and she does ask you to publish it...I never insinuated that you had no permission to print that letter. That seems to be something you are now fabricating... show me a quote where I stated that you did this without permission... you cannot so you need apologize to me... in that I will not hold my breath.

Ken, turn from your sin and stop your lying and slander.

So will you answer what your beef is with Tony Jones... can you use direct quotes and then show how he is all those terrible things from scripture?

So again, did you or did you not comment at

And again, show me the quote where I insinuated that you had no permission to post the letter.

And again, stop lying about me and apologize for implying my ministry is only a discussion group...

Lastly, stop lying and slandering your brothers in Christ... it is not befitting a child of God which you claim to be.

Be blessed,

Unknown said...


If "proporn" is not you, they are at least a supporter of you... still great name choice... it sort of shows the hypocrisy of the Online Discernment Ministries like yours.


Joe Martino said...

Ken wrote the article, even if he did not post it, those are his words.

Unknown said...


I find it rather funny that Ken focused on the "proporn" part and missed the point! LOL!

He missed that the post gathered not one hateful and negative response as said it would in his "attack missive"!

And they are still coming in...


Ken Silva said...


"stop lying about me and apologize for implying my ministry is only a discussion group..."

Do you even know what the word "lie" means? I wasn't insinuating anything. I quoted from your own profile above:

"I'm iggy
From Billings, Montana, United States
Contact me I head up a discussion group called wordofmouthdiscussions"

Unknown said...


Wow, you just layer lies upon lies... and it seems you continue to again.

Here is the quote and the lie you stated.
Shelton is an emerging Christian who heads up “a discussion group called wordofmouthdiscussions.” It used to be known as “ministries” but apparently now it’s simply a discussion group.

Note you posted it also at CRN.

There is "It used to be known as “ministries”" as it still is a ministries...


I have an online radio station called iggyROCKS! which has global reachings. I also have given free biblical counseling to a few artists as they have need. I also have begun programs to help an orphanage in Haiti, a minister in Mauritius, and am looking at finding ways to send study bibles to bible students in Africa.

I am also once again beginning a small group in the next few months to teach on Grace.

Besides writing on my blog and doing book reviews, I have had offers for publication if I write a book.

All of this is done while I hold a full time job.

There are other facets but I would only be accused of boasting so I will say this, none of this would be possible except for God's doing it. I boast only in that God is blessing me to be a part of any of it.

So since you accuse me often of not having my facts straight, I remind you that is not my ministry... I am out to help people and to direct them to God for healing from abusive people like you. In that God sends me people from all over who ask for advise and prayer.

So, instead of lying that your "research" is so great, you could have gotten to know me when I emailed you over a year ago to discuss some things.

So again, stop lying about me and apologize for implying my ministry is only a discussion group... the fact is, the discussion group predates the "ministry"... and I have never really considered as part of the "ministry", but as a fun thing to do.

Lastly, stop lying and slandering your brothers in Christ... it is not befitting a child of God which you claim to be.

It still seems you do not know what a lie is, not me.

BTW Word of Mouth Ministries is registered with the state of Montana... It is not a 501c non profit as I did not see the need for it.

Be blessed,