Monday, December 10, 2007

Pray for Bridget Lambert

Janna and Bridget are coworkers. Please take some time to pray for Bridget.


Bridget Lambert

2:10pm Today

I've covered almost every prayer chain known to man, but I am asking you to pray for my best friend Bridget Lambert.
In October, after struggling with intense headaches for weeks, Bridget was admitted into the hospital. The doctors informed her that she had suffered from a pinpoint stroke and a blood clot lodged behind her left ear.

After almost two weeks in the hospital she was released and told that she would have to continue to take blood pressure medication as well as a high dose of blood thinner. They hoped that the clot would eventually dissolve in the blood stream and things would return to normal. Bridget has been unable to return to work (at the Billings Gazette) over the past 7 weeks and her short term disability is almost up. She has been extremely stressed about losing her job and having so many bills to pay.

On Tuesday she had an MRI and there was no change in the clot so they did a second spinal tap to check the pressure of her spinal fluid. The doctors did tell her that it was not as high as her initial visit but it was the only good news they could offer. They had planned to put a stint behind her eyes to try and relieve the pressure on her optic nerves to try and save her eyesight but the initial appointment eyesight has been deteriorating. We had all been hoping for some baby steps forward but instead she has had to take two big steps back.
Yesterday, Bridget complained of back pain and leg cramps/shooting pain so she was admitted into the hospital last night. The did another scan and found what they are calling "spontaneous internal bleeding" the size of a softball in her lower back on the left side. To reverse the affects of the blood thinner they are shooting her up with Vitamin K to help her blood clot to stop the internal bleeding. This puts her into high risk due to the stubborn blood clot. She is in a lot of pain and is very very scared right now.

Today she recieved the Vitamin K as well as a batch of platelets to hopefully stop the internal bleeding. Because she has been losing so much blood she has become anemic and they have asked her to consider a blood transfusion to refill her blood reserve. If she didn't take the transfusion she would risk bleeding out but by taking transfusion she still risks the chance of contracting blood born pathogens that could harm her.

Please please pray for healing and fantastic doctors to aid her in recovery. This has been a frustrating ordeal for her, her family and friends and she could use every prayer you can give.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Janna and Bridget at the 2007 Relay for Life

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