Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Google search that caught my eye

A Google search that caught my Eye

I look at my SiteMeter info at times and find some interesting searches that bring people to my blog. I had at one time around Resurrection Day (Easter), had 94 hits in one day! It turned out to be searches that were looking for a certain cartoon of a chicken that shoots out an egg and then says Happy Easter. I had posted it and though the link had broke many came and tried to access it through my blog.

I get many people from many nations. DNA seems very popular as a search. It seems that a post I did on “Whose DNA?” is still connected to a Google search of a picture of DNA I linked to. I get at least 5 a day through that search a day from all over the globe.

As far as readership I receive about 25 – 35 hits in a day…. Not bad for a little blog.

I will say this is the funniest search I have seen as of lately that had caught my eye.

“circumcision discussions in billings, mt”.

Unfortunately I had not written on circumcision… but rather it picked up on my discussion group on

Yet, there is much to say on the topic in the bible and maybe, soon I will do a post or series on circumcision…. In Billings MT. In that way it will be a Biblical topic that is relevant for today! LOL!


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