Friday, February 24, 2006

Please pray for my Friends who lost their little one tonight

Please pray for my friends who lost their little one tonight.

We went to our day care to pick up Fischer and Ciana. While there another father was picking up his children also. When they went in to get their baby boy he had died in his sleep. We tried to give CPR and did until the ambulance arrived. We then went to the hospital to find Kyler had died.

This is a real sad and hard situation. The parents are beside themselves with grief as we are also. One cannot imagine the loss. Their names are PJ and Dawn and this is their biological child. The older brother Keenan is 3 and does not really know what has happened. They have a large family so there is support and some in the family are believers. I am not even sure how to pray so will just say, "As the Lord leads."

The day care people love the kids so much and this is real devastating. This could mean the closing of the day care. Pray also for C and J... J was in charge as this happened so she feels very guilty. (I am only using their initials)

I do not believe there was anything that was done wrong. This is just one of those horrible things...
My heart is broken.


Debbie said...

Oh my goodness.What a terrible tragedy. I will pray.

papa g said...

iggy - im so sorry ... i will pray also

papa g

leviathen said...

oh my goodness...... I don't even know what to say. Father, please bring them that "Peace that passes all understanding".