Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Meet Andy Scott

Meet Andy Scott
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I would like to introduce you to a very special person, Andy Scott. He is brave, full of faith, hope and an inspiration to all.
For more than 1500 days Andy Scott has dealt with the confinement of a wheel chair since a high school wrestling accident left him paralyzed in 2001. Andy was a determined wrestler who had worked hard to earn his spot as a varsity wrestler. In his coach’s words he was tough, scrappy, and not afraid of pain. His goal was a state championship his senior year. His dreams and goals changed one January afternoon when he was aggressively attempting a takedown on his opponent during a tournament. As Andy was taking the opponent down to the mat he landed in an awkward position driving his head at an angle that broke his neck. Andy underwent surgery in both Wyoming and California and regained movement in his arms and the ability to feel hot and cold, but still has very limited use of his fingers, hands and arms. He can not use his legs and is confined to a wheelchair. He must depend on others to assist with even the basic of needs. MORE >>

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Elson - son of El (El means God in hebrew) said...

brother, thank you for this posting...

the love of God is more than enough..

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