Monday, December 27, 2010

WTWTW? Outlaw Preacher's informal telephone conference

I read the fine print and realized that there was a cost for those calling in. It was not that specific as to how much so I decided to cancel this until I found venue that was more specific.
There has been a few heated discussions on Twitter that need to be addressed in a different forum. While I am not sure why I decided to do this, I have at least two topics we should address as Outlaw Preachers. 

  1. How organized are Outlaws anyway?
    1. Do we need any formal description/creed.
    2. If we “join a membership” is that being exclusive and against the “rule” of inclusiveness?
    3. If adopted should it be optional? 
     2. Inclusion without giving more victims to those that abuse. (A debate that surrounds a certain person who claims to be a pirate) 

Contact me: if you are:

1. An Outlaw Preacher

2 Able to call in Wednesday @ 1pm mst  (Yes, Adele, it is only 1 hr ahead instead of 2... sorry! LOL!)

I will send you out the details.

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