Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am emerging because...

Bruce Reyes Chow sent out this challenge on Twitter: ""I am emergence" post coming today. Want in? In 140 WORDS or less, blog/FB about it WITHOUT defining by what you are NOT and I'll link back."

I am emerging because:

I love God, through Jesus Christ.

I affirm that Jesus was birth through the Virgin Mary, lived life as a human being, died on the Cross, to take away all humankind’s sin, was buried for three days and rose again on the third.

Jesus ascended and entered the Heavenly realm.

Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God that was, and is.

Jesus is the first-fruit of the bodily resurrection and the New Creation that is, and is to come.

Jesus demolished all walls that divide humankind and there is no longer male/female, slave/free, Jew/Gentile, or us/them.

We are to love all people with the unconditional love of God.

We are to question the status quo as Jesus did and to seek justice.

emerging is the eternal conversation started with God at the beginning of creation and continues today in believers.



Lausten North said...

How is believing in the physical resurrection equal to emerging? Doesn't emerging imply some sort of change?

iggy said...


Yes, because many promote the Rapture theory. This was a positive affirmation as to why I am personally emerging. Emerging is not about "change" but about rediscovering what was always there. Not all in emerging would affirm the physical resurrection but I do. It was something I deconstructed in my faith and still found standing.

Most of those who think it is about changing everything misunderstand or misrepresent emerging. Brian McLaren is not about changing things for changes sake but about rediscovering the teachings of Jesus and His Kingdom that was always there but that has been twisted, perverted or forgotten.