Sunday, January 03, 2010

What's on my reading list this year?

Currently reading Thomas Merton's Contemplative Prayer and realizing that some of the critics of contemplative prayer are rather... stupid and ignorant... Just saying... I am trying to be nice about this... really.

I plan on read all of the writings of Maj W Ian Thomas this year. I finally have them all... or at least most of them.

I have three books by Watchman Nee to read this year. I have read The Normal Christian Life before, but now since I also have Love Not the World and Sit, Walk, Stand I think reading them all together will be fun.

I need to finish John Stott's book on Ephesians (not pictured) but thought that I should also read his Basic Christianity to get a feeling for his theological positions.

I am throwing in Charles M Sheldon's In His Steps (Where the phrase WWJD came from) as well as the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius. It looks interesting.

Paul Tillich's book (not pictured) The New Being is also yet another book I am hoping to get read.

I am also reading through the bible this year. I am using The Daily Message Hardback: Through the Bible in One Year in hopes to keep it "readable" without distracting me from reading. Don't worry, I will also have a "study time".

I do have some other books on order and will add them as I get them. But this should be an interesting book year.
So... what's on your reading list this year?



Gary Feister said...

I just began today re-reading "The Indwelling Life of Christ" by Ian Thomas. By the way, you do have all of his books. There's a devotional that I use that goes hand-in-hand with Ian Thomas's stuff. It's called "His Victorious Indwelling"; compiled by Nick Harrison (Zondervan). I highly recommend it for deeper life content. Have a blessed year, my friend!

One of Freedom said...

I'm always reading books, occupational hazard of a PhD student! But for enjoyment I have on my pile:

Blue Like Jazz (reading with a group at my church)
The Evolution of God (I love Robert Wright)
On the Scope and Truth of Theology (Robert Cummings Neville, I'm well into this already and it is a really good book)
A Secular Age (I'm doing this book with another reading group, Taylor is one of my favourite philosophers to date)

Academically I'm probably going to be digging into more Moltmann. I have about 17 titles and have a good handle on only half of em. Also I need to spend some time with Pannenberg's corpus. Apart from that I will be reading a smattering of North American authors who write about the Kingdom of God. Should be a full year!