Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do You Love Gay People? - A Love Issue


The comments are really revealing as to how blind and hateful some really are. Sadly many do not even realize how hateful their words are... when someone states:

We should love people the way God loves them; with truth, and pure love. There is gay people outthere who would be willing to change their lives and accept Jesus as their personal Savior. We as christians, cannot decide who will accept Jesus or who won't. Our duty is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our own testimony, and with Love. I have known gay people who repented and now are living a normal life (according to God's purpose). Believe me, God can still change people's lives. Let's pray for all those beautiful people (including gay people) who need Jesus as their personal Savior. Amen.

Sadly this is one of the more "loving" comments posted on the site. Yet, when a gay person hears a Christian say the word "change" they hear us saying they must clean up their lives before they come to Jesus! That is NOT the Gospel... We are saved by Grace, straight or gay.

The hate just keeps on coming proving the video over and over again as right on, yet as you can see they are blind to their own hate. It is time to stop hating and start loving... Will you take a stand for Unconditional Love?

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Unknown said...

Two thoughts:

1) Christians often don't act like it.
2) People in sin will respond as sinners.

On the latter, unless the Holy Spirit has turned a person's heart, they will hear only what they want anyway. Sometimes that is accurate, other times it has nothing to do the with the person they thought was accusing them.

Personally, I'm tired of hearing about people feeling condemned and we need to show up different. It's smoke and mirrors. I need to show up differently because I am an ambassador of the King. In doing that, some people are still going to think I'm the enemy ... and from one perspective, they will be right.

It's like one who 'get's saved' and then says, 'man, they never taught that at my old church!' While I'm sure some churches miss it, I do not believe the number blamed are as guilty as appears. The truth is that the person didn't hear it, not that it wasn't spoken/demonstrated.

I see this much the same. There's clearly ugliness on the side of 'christians' but it isn't as many propagate.

I liked the video.