Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Practicing Church - beliefs gone good

The Practicing Church - beliefs gone good

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Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I actually took this clip as a starting point and spent a fascinating hour watching many many of the rest.

I actually like that these points get aired on TV and You Tube. Tends to be quite one-sided over here...if any of the points get raised at all.

For example the pro-life debate here is virually quashed - up til now anyway. Abortion rules OK. Then to have open discussions between rabbis and Sam harris, or Christians and Richard dawkins...well that's different. Radio 4 is basically quite Dawkins-centric over here.....with the odd flirtation with religion from St Paul's Cathedral on longwave if you still want it. How different the two nations, eh? i found the Emerging spiel really riveting...although we've been living with the guy's conclusion for 150 years now...it's called The Salvation Army....no? What do you think? In what ways would this type of thing be different? Or does it have to be different. Mother Theresa carved out similar territory...and made a fantastic impact. Brian Mclaren was absolutely fascinating. Not heard him before. I would say that many key people in our methodist Church over here would be very similar to him. Including my godfather.I actually hated the smug spirit of the Wretched programme as it caricatured what he was saying. Although I could see he was trying to draw the Christian baseline of our faith again, before everything got just too fuzzy and nebulous. You see the link on my blog to Brad Jersak. I'd love to see Brad and Brian together...wonder what that interview would look like. Because there are strong similarities.

Missionally focused said...

Thanks for the shout-out on this. Glad to hear that Montana is exploring the practicing church as well.

Thanks again,
Be well,
Jeff Smith