Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A boring post on Politics and Jesus.

Over the weekend I had a great time taking with Jesse Ahmann. We talked about a lot of things and of course with Jesse politics came up… Personally I hate politics. I used to love politics… I used to love listening to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk shows… But after a while came to really dislike most of them.

What’s my beef with Rush? Well, as I listened to him I would hear him say, “If you resort to name calling then you have run out of subtenant arguments… now… for a FemiNazi update!” It was then I realized Rush may have run out of subtenant arguments…

Don’t get me wrong… I consider myself conservative… but, as far as the political scene, I see that really it does not matter what my view are… most likely the political wind will not blow the way I think and believe.

In a way as I was talking to Jesse, I realized it is sort of like how some in the Reformed camp are. They have a view… and if confronted will not listen to the other person to try to understand their perspective. In fact they quickly judge the person and their spiritual state and often (and I am not saying all in the Reformed camp are this way just some) will go so far as to judge the other person’s eternal destiny. Really a person can be lost as can be, but can come to faith sometime later… and to judge someone when you meet them in such a way really only reflects a lack of faith in God that He has the power to save others. Often the lack of grace is amazing. Like Rush or others, if there is even a solid point within the criticism these people will attack and refuse to listen. By shutting down the other person I think we lose a chance to hear God’s voice from another perspective. Meaning that though a person may not have it all together or even be right on some points, I see that God is working in people whether they believe in Him or not. I have run into atheists who insist they never “believed” and that I am wrong they had to make a choice at some point to believe or not… yet argue that God does not exist… This is a bit fascinating to me… I sometimes wonder if I also believe in some sort of circular logic and even may have times I do not accept I have chosen some thing be them right or wrong. I have talked to homosexuals who have a great faith in God, yet also see themselves as never coming out of that lifestyle. In that case I wonder if it is a case of being in denial over sin… and wonder if I am also that way in my own way.

Now, the one I seem to click with is Denise Miller… I think that is because he actually listens and engages callers and those he interviews. He seems to not be on the attack but still is respectfully confrontational when he sees he needs. Listening and interacting. I see that is what Jesus did with sinners and the religious. Jesus did not turn anyone away, but brought them to a point that they needed to make a decision about Him one way or the other. He would draw people to Himself and confront them lovingly where they were. He never condemned anyone though he may have stated some very strong words to people. Some will point out the “Woe to you…” and say Jesus condemned those towns or people, yet miss Jesus did not need to condemn them for they already were condemned…Jesus came to save them from the condemnation they would face.

Listen to people whether you agree with them or not… unless they so aggravate you so much you can’t… like some talk show hosts do to me… Though to me these seem more in the vein of being divisive and we are told to avoid such people.
Really, I had great trouble trying to decide how to vote. I will admit I did not vote for Obama... but came close at one point. I liked the idea of "change"... I am not sure we are getting the type of change that many had hoped for, but we will see. And I am still waiting for my bailout money... I will let you know when that happens.

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