Saturday, March 21, 2009

Face of Emerging changing?

I just read an interesting article at Emergent Village where Jonathan Brink is covering the latest Emerging Church conference. I found it interesting that as I have stated for over a year now that emerging will be morphing into something different. For a while emerging has been called, "young, white, rebellious, adolescent"... etc, yet, as one that is a bit older myself than the "average" emerging (whatever that is!) I found that the face of emerging is much older. Johnathan mentions, "The average age in the room was at least 50." BTW, if that is true, then I am one of the young ones at age 44! lol!

So is Emergent coming of age? I have more thoughts on this yet not enough time to get them written down. Suffice it to say, I remember many time as a youngster, that I would sit through teachings on how God used the young to bring on revival. My view is that emerging IS the revival that so many desire... and is spreading.

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