Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Those funny anti emergents!

I just read a quote on a blog. This guy quoted himself... = ) is a good quote.

"The gospel doesn't "engage" the culture. It subverts it."- a quote from a guy who hates me.

Funny this quote in different variations are in most emerging/emergent books I read. I see it as true and yet, this guy agrees with the thought and hates the emerging church.

I run into this more often than you think. One person likes tell me whatever I say is wrong and then simply restates it as if he is right. I don't get that as he tells me I am wrong then agrees.

Hate is a powerful opiate. Some only seem to thrive as they waller in their hate for some other group. If they have an enemy, then their world is right. Yet, the bible states to "love your enemy." Neither of these guys have given much love to me. In fact both have written some pretty awful stuff about me.

Pride keep us from truly loving others. In all honesty I do want to retaliate at times... to give them a does of instant Karma... yet thank God Karma is not "christian"... LOL! So I sometimes stumble and read their blog and marvel at how close our thoughts are and yet how far they insist on distancing themselves from their brothers and sisters in Christ.

The fellow with the quote I dare not link to. I want to... some of you may already know who he is if you know your iggy history... it goes back a couple of years. I would love to link to him and yet, I dare not as I want peace for him and myself. I am sure if you google him you might find the quote...

I pray for both these guys and others out there who deem people like me the enemy. May they grow in the Grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus... I also pray that for myself everyday.

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Bruce said...

Yep, hate has been turned into a virtue for some people.

I have to work real hard at ignoring the haters. One one level I want to be respected by everyone for who and what I am. Few of us like other people being opposed to us. Then there is another part of me that wants to beat the crap out of them (with my large print Bible of course)

So I must work at not being like them. (and loving them) It is not easy. Blogging, and the internet in general, give people the ability to virtually say anything, so it is easy to be a hater. Rarely is the hater confronted.

Keep up the good work Iggy. I trust all is well.