Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shlueter threatens Richard Abanes: Updated

Such grace and love... and taking the teaching of Jesus to turn the other cheek in the opposite direct... yes Tom Schleuter threatens Richard Abanes... good grief! Can this get any more asinine?

It seems that if Ingrid and her husband can't stand the heat, then she need not be in the media talking trash and on her blog calling 14 year old girls "painted girls of Sodom".

To be in the media is to take the hits... if you dish it out be prepared that someone will find what you say is offensive. This seems to further the hypocrisy that is at Slice and Ingrid's radio show... she speaks grace, yet when given an opportunity to extend it... threatens legal action!

If this was not so sad it would be funny... and yet, I wonder... is this more about the "truth War" failings? Is this about people finally seeing people like Ingrid for what they really are, self righteous, judgmental, condemning of others?

I see it that people who have a radio voice really must learn to understand that people will not agree with them and will write rebuttals... this is America and we have freedom of speech. Again, since Ingrid is a public figure, and speaks out often and calls people "false teachers" or "heretics" or worse as I already pointed out, she need grow a thicker skin and get control of her anger issues.

She often writes against "clown churches"... when this has become a circus because of Ingrid's own actions... yet as I notice time and time again, these so-called discernment ministries lack the ability to take responsibilities for their own actions.

I pray for Ingrid and others... in fact in two days I will be holding the second pray for Ken Silva day... and have added Ingrid. Please join me in prayers of blessings for these two that they come to see the Grace, mercy and loving kindness of God... and that they come to reflect our Savior in a renewed way.


Updated: Aug 27th: Here is an interesting post by Phoenix Preacher which is not "emerging" by far and is very Calvinistic... Ingrid did some research and decided to attack them and call them an emerging blog... their thoughts on this situation are very interesting.

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