Sunday, August 24, 2008

I destroyed the indestructable G'zOne Boulder

Well, maybe not destroyed.

Here is the sad saga of my life with the cell phone upgrade.

I finally was able to upgrade my phone. 1st choice; the LG Chocolate. It was a nice phone and had a mp3 player in it... the family wanted to go swimming and I sort of have an aversion to the public display of blubber... Especially my own.

So we went... and low and behold in my pocket was my brand new cell phone.... dead.

So, we went online and found one that if I decided to go swimming again and take my cell phone it might have a chance on living. I received my brand new G'zOne Boulder. It was the orange one....

Today, it stopped working. Yep... For some reason it would dial out then freeze on that screen. Or I would poke around the menu and it would freeze. I tried everything and called tech support... who tried all I did... and now... I wait for my brand new replacement.

I am not even sure why I want a new one. My old one works fine and does most of all I want. It seems to have an aversion to water and not once has gone swimming or tried to clean itself in the wash machine. But, still here I am waiting for my upgrade.

Is there a moral in all this? Not that I can tell right now. LOL! Other than I seem to be one of those people that has issues with some electronics. Watches mysteriously lose time and I swear have started to run backwards on me.

So here I am... wondering if it is worth it even.

But... it is a cool phone and when I get it, if I swim or toss it into the wash machine... or walk through a sand storm... or decided to throw it against the wall... it should be fine. Unless I try to take the battery out to read that it was made by Casio.

Be blessed,


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