Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Practical Princes

When I was a young child my mother bought this book for me. Since it was about a princess, I was not that interested in it. I found the book on the floor as it has now been passed on to my own children.

Note that this book is more than a story about a Princess but it is a story of the gift of common sense. I read it and thought that this is a wonderful book. I now realize it was not just for me, but also for my own princes Ciana.

As I look at it now I wonder at how small of world that I had lived in as a child. My son seems to like as it has dragons and many other things to keep a boy interested.

A book and its cover. A book about a princess?

I see this as something I learned much later that just because something looks effeminate, it might not be. Later I came to realize Jesus was not that effeminate weakling He was often presented as being... yet I also learned that grace is not about being able to carry a book on one’s head without dropping it. Grace may seem effeminate and weak, yet exceptional strength is required in order to walk in it. This strength is far beyond our own abilities, and can only come from God who enables and gives us the strength to walk in His Grace.

Be blessed,


Doorman-Priest said...

Ah, yes: gentle Jesus, meek and mild.


iggy said...

"Ah, yes: gentle Jesus, meek and mild"

But that was only after he tore down the strongholds of Hell...

; )

Hope you are doing well...