Monday, June 30, 2008

The News is the Bomb!

I received a call about 11:30 Sunday stating that some had vandalized a news rack. I was a bit annoyed as I was up all night and was trying to get some sleep. I called the police who connected me to the officer on the scene.

“It looks like it was pried open and then set on fire.” The officer said.

I laughed.

He took more info from me like the value of the rack and then stated, “It looks as if it was a victim of a hate crime.”

I had to laugh again as that was about as funny thing I have heard in a long time.

Yet as it turns out, the business where the rack was, had been vandalized before.

Here are a couple of articles the first one is from a local T.V. station the second one from the Gazette where I work.

Now, when I arrived to pick it up, it looked to me like someone had placed a small explosive in it that blew out the bottom and the door the fell off. Inside you can see the burned papers.

It was funny yet also a bit unsettling to think someone would blow up a news rack because he or she hated the owner of the business because he is black. Billings had something like this happen a few years ago and the city stood up against it. I hope Billings will do that again.

Enjoy the pics though…


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