Friday, September 08, 2006

Proud to be Montanan? No Hate Here!

Proud to be Montanan? No hate here!

This one is interesting. These twins are pretty well known for their singing… they have been on TV’s Primetime show which then some people in Kalispell just found out they are their neighbors… the twins perform as “Prussian Blue” and are popular in the venues they play at…

So what is the problem? Read it here.

You see, this family left Bakersfield Ca. because “it was not white enough”. The also went on to say, "We want our people to stay white. ... We don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race." YIKES!

Kudo’s to the neighbor who does not want hate in their neighborhood.



Jenn said...

Great job, this story seems like it could go just under the radar. As a Kalispellian I was alarmed by the news of my new neighbors. Thank you for exemplifying tolerance & I like your blog. J

iggy said...


I applaud people who will stand up against hate especially when it is obvious. I shudder to think that someone would move to Montana because we are mostly white and also think that that is why we are all here also. Mostly I have found Montanans openly friendly and willing to accept the person as a person, not just because they have different skin tones. I know we have our share of racism here as many show prejudice against the Native American Indians…

When I lived in California I would be asked if Montana was where the white supremacist are… I would jokingly say, “Nope that is Idaho. We had the Unabomber!”

Do these people have a right to believe what they want? Do they have a right o speak what they want? I would say yes… especially as a Christian in America. If these people lose their rights, I could lose mine also. As sick as I think that racism is, I am willing to allow them to speak and believe whatever, so I may also. Yet, I think also as long as one does not cross the line and hate, we have a right and duty to protect and educate about who is our neighbor. Just as I would not want a pedophile living next door, I do not want some who is very public and promotes hate to be in my neighborhood also… if this is done all within the limits of the law, then I say educate.