Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Changes!

A while back I was praying for growth of our fellowship, I was praying for “fish”. In one of those rare moments, it seemed God broke through and asked is that what you really desire and need? I was perplexed as I asked, “Isn’t that what You have in mind? I mean You called us to be fishers of men.” Yet I had to answer honestly that my desire was not just to catch “fish” but rather to find other fishermen to rejoice with as we “fish” together.

It is a joy to find such a person as I hope to have who has that heart. I believe I have found it in the Pastor at the new Vineyard Church Plant. Word of Mouth Ministries will still be an entity yet, as a fellowship we will for now end. Of course we will have iggyROCKS! and this blog also being an extension of Word of Mouth Ministries. I will add that I am not speaking for Vineyard on this blog in any way. The views will be as they have always been... mine.

So the official title, for those who are into that, is “ministry partner”. God has blessed TES and me with an opportunity to be part of the new church plant with Vineyard. As far as the Word of mouth Fellowship website I will be either taking it down or putting a major disclaimer on it and removing the reference link from my blog site.

God is good and I can see Him moving in this as I feel like He has been grooming me for the last two years to be a part of Vineyard. Vineyard is very relationship based... and I can relate to John WImber's saying, "I am just a fat man trying to get to heaven."

We still need tons of prayer as we grow. I know I do personally as I lay down my own agenda and seek God’s as it should have been the case anyway.

On the human level I could say I failed, which in a way I have. Yet, I know those I have ministered to in the last year have benefited from it as I also have. I have also grown and know how hard it is to plant a fellowship. I know I will be less judgemental in how I view things and how I feel they should be.



Anonymous said...

so iggy -

you haven't posted since April? what's happening with you and the Vineyard church plant in billings? i have very fond memories of Montana and Idaho [visited a couple times]...hope all is well out there!



Unknown said...


I have been posting bits and pieces all along and currently I am exploring the emerging church values.

As far as Vineyard, i am still on th eministry team and have been asked to be an intern... which means all the work and no pay! LOL!

Billings Vineyard was meeting at Pastor Allen Hodges' house and most the summer we met in their backyard. Becuase of the weather we decided to move inside so have since found a builing. The water station just out of town on hwy 87 towards Roundup.

I am working on a post that should give closure to the current episode of addressing my attackers. I am planning on telling the whole story in one post to let all know what was going on as opposed to what they are making up...

I just want to be gracious and not be like them.

Again, if you meant I have not given an update on where Vineyard is, it is here and there. I quote Allen in a few places. I do hope to bring in Vineyard a bit more. Mostly I realize I am a bit controversial, and though Pastor Allen and and the church know me and love me, and I them I want to respect them in that if I say something it could come back to them... Allen has no issue with what I teach.

Thanks for your kind words and if you ever visit again, let me know... I know some great coffee places here and love to chat with people.