Thursday, December 15, 2005

Merry happy Holimas-Christiday

Merry happy Holimas-Christiday

What a weird year….

On one hand we have the boycott the anti Christmas stores…. Sheesh… the poor stores trying to be all-inclusive are boycotted by angry Christians. Holiday trees are demanded to be called Christmas trees again…. My only thought on this is WWJB… Who Would Jesus Boycott??

Then as we are winning the war on getting Christmas back… we cancel it so we can have a “family day”. (Oye, my aching head)

My thoughts are on this…. Aren’t we, the Church, family?

I am not legalistic about the Sabbath, which by the way is Saturday. I see no problem in if schedule conflicts hit on a Sunday, rescheduling to another day to have service…. But get this…

I was listening to a local Rock station… not Christian by far. (Oh, just pray for me ok?) The DJ begins to say:

“ Have you heard that some churches are canceling Sunday services? What is up with that? I don’t go to church, but if I did, Christmas would be the day I would go!”

Hey, all I can say is the world is watching us… So be carefull what you boycott, and be sure after you get your way, don’t cancel Christmas.

My personal take on this is:

I really don’t care about the pagan origins in Christmas or Ishtar, I mean Easter, or whatever Holyday that may come up… I see that what the purpose of Christmas was to celebrate the incarnation of Jesus. If we miss THAT on Christmas then there is no Christmas. Let alone Christ in Christmas.
Cal Thomas had an interesting take on this. Basically summed he said, "Why boycott?"And went on to ask a better question, “Why do we want to associate Jesus’ birth with the crass commercialization of Christmas.

I was doing some shopping and began talking to a girl from Bulgaria. Yes Bulgaria, she moved to Montana with her husband. She talked of growing up under communism. I felt a little ashamed as I began to walk through the store and see things as if I just moved here from another country, especially one that was very poor. We are a nation of stuff. Stuff is the real thing that drives this country… buying stuff. Selling stuff…. I think we lost Christmas a long time ago.

I don’t want to sound cynical; I believe we still can redeem the spirit of Christmas by realizing what the greatest gift of all was. God became a man, born just as we are, growing up and learning (YES JESUS WAS GOD, SO GOD CAN LEARN! Stick that in you theology pipe and smoke it!) And the rest of the story I am sure you know.

Life is not about stuff, at least for a believer. Our life is not our own, we are His, bought and paid for by His blood.

Merry Christmas and happy holyday,

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