Sunday, June 12, 2005

protest this!

When it comes down to the real world, I don't mince words usually. I try to just say it. Often I am accused of being crude..... maybe I am, yet as I have said many times the Bible is not a children's book. If it were published today and judged by "Christian" standards many would be out in protest against it as it talks of incest, bestiality, adultery, homosexuality, with graphic passages I would never read to a child. (Two Sister's and their lovers in Ezekiel)

Today, many are abuse and confused.... girls grow up thinking to be with women sexually is an alternative. Gays want to be approved by saying they are born that way.

The sad truth is we are ALL messed up. We are all sinners in need of a saviour.
I just heard, of a Baptist church who handed out water at a gay pride parade! I say Hallelujah! At first the gay community thought they had an agenda, which they did.... to love the sinner!

In contrast, we have the AFA which sent out a "protest the gay games" email..... later I received anemail with ..... Explicit pictures of the perversion at the last years games....
I went to the site to see if I could find those pictures..... I did not. I dug deeper and found some pictures close to that through a link that talked about the Sydney Mardi Gras..... there I found some similar pictures, yet honestly, one could never tell if the person was gay, straight, lesbian, cross dresser or whatever. I saw a real lack of honesty and integrity with the AFA on this "protest".

How do we reach those caught in sin.... oh yeah protest them!!!!!! NOT! No wonder the gays, NOW, and other groups target Promise Keepers and such in retaliatory protests!

When will we get the clue! I think if Paul was living today he would be called an apostate because he never took a stand against slavery. In fact he encouraged the slave to be the best slave for Christ and the slave owner to treat his slaves as brothers in Christ.... never once saying slavery was BAD!

We need to rethink and reorganize how we are to approach the world for Christ.... maybe we should be quicker with a glass of water for the sinner, than holding up a sign and screaming, You're going to hell!"

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