Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New Blog and New website

OK, as if I did not have enough to maintain on the web, I added a new website to iggyROCKS!
though I was happy with the old site, they seemed to not care about fixing some issues on the edit page of the website. So here we have a new one. I think though this will be a better fit as
it will have opportunity to chat, ask questions on the forum, and even more.

I also will be doing some reviews on the different groups I play on iggyROCKS! you can click on the link to see/hear what iggyROCKS! is about.



leviathen said...

hey man!

have you guys had the baby yet? how is your wife doing?

i need info! :)


iggy said...

We are on the home stretch......
She is due on july 28th so not yet.
But boy is she nesting!
How's afton and Beth? How is Cedar traking the new one?

leviathen said...

awesome! this is the toughest season (as im sure you know) but soon it will produce a beautiful little one!!!

afton and cedar are doing well! cedar is turning into a wonderful big brother. it took him a while though, i think he was just so excited he didn't know how to react to her. so he decided to wrestle with her, which left many bumps and bruises. :)

but he is doing much better now. he has had her scream bloody murder at him enough times that he figured out that he needs to be gentle with her. HAHA!

keep us updated!!