Monday, May 13, 2013

John Cochran: the almost Christ-like winner of Survivor

John Cochran has been the most unlikely person ever to win Survivor. With all his weaknesses, it was interesting to watch, as other power-players seem to dominate. People like Phillip, showed a strong if not quirky strategy that gave way to his own undoing. Others like “the golden boy” Malcolm seemed a shoe-in to win. Yet, in all this, Cochran’s strength was in his almost Christ-like weakness.

 Cochran had his moment did become one the Survivor’s top challenge winners, though most the wins were in the timing in which he strategically or luckily, received an advantage. Even with the advantages, Cochran would struggle and, at times, almost lose the challenge.

I found how Cochran addressed people was amazing. His answer to Malcolm displayed the one huge strength Cochran had over others. Cochrane could tell a person his or her strengths in an honest and straightforward mane that was disarming, then state, something like, “Your strength was weakness.” In the case of Malcolm’s question, as to what Cochran had over Malcolm (who appears to have it all, in looks, strength, abilities, etc.) Cochran simply states, “You don’t have my insecurities.”

Cochran’s grasp of others strengths and his own weakness and how to exploit both in precise timing was truly a wonder to behold. People like Dawn did most of the dirty work, yet that was how she wanted to play the game. In Dawn’s attempt to go against her own true self, was her own undoing. Cochran seemed to understand that of all who were left, Dawn’s bipolar outbursts and moves put her in a position that few would want to vote for her. It is bad strategy on Survivor and life in general to love someone then exploit that person to gain one’s own personal goal.

Cochran, like Christ, exploited the strengths of His enemies and in the end outwitted, outlasted and outplayed his enemies. Jesus looked like an unlikely savior as much as Cochran seemed the most unlikely winner of Survivor. In Christ weakness such as love, mercy, grace, became Jesus’ strong points. To be taken prisoner, beaten, and then murdered, would be a definite declaration of weakness. However, Jesus overcame death and rose from the dead. Cochran also rose above his own weakness to become this year's winner in Survivor. Now, please, I understand this analogy goes only so far and Cochran did not do all things perfectly. However, I still think this season was the best one since the Africa and Australia sessions. 

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