Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a poem for my creative writing class

These next few blog posts are my attempt at creative writing. I am heading toward finals week and thought I might share some of my writing. This was to the question, "What literary tools does the poet use to turn words into emotions, sounds, and images?" See if you can name a few of them.

Tools of a poet
When a poet writes a poem of writ,

The poet will use many tools to express such wit.

They may reach; and build; expectation,

Just by using punctuation.

The poet will also use metaphor,

As a cape on a matador.

The poet may take an abstract idea,

And mold it into a beautiful flower.

The creaking of a door will make you think that,

Is the same as sound from an old man’s back.

The poet’s job is the greatest of role,

Though that may be a bit of hyperbole.

Though some may be Wilde and a naughty heathen,

It has been decided all poets are angels fallen from heaven.

For the salvation or loss of men’s souls,

Are held in the hands of the poet’s prose.

May I be such to associate when?

The poets of old pass on their pen?

To sing on a page like the late Freddy Mercury,

To splash with the pen the ink of victory!

To rise to it all with gallant expression,

To give heart to my own inner confession.

One needs not a priest when sin does arise,

For the poet’s heart is far from disguised.

Being it frozen like Poe in Dante’s cold hell,

Or expanded three sizes like Grinche’s heart, as Suess does tell.

The poet can speak in ear splitting silence,

All the while be like the neighbor who screams “Hello!” over the fence.

These tools may be as faint as speck,

They may even be bolder than one might expect.

Yet with these tools of trade,

The poem of a poet is wonderfully made.

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