Saturday, November 05, 2005

I have "needs"

I have “needs”

Check this out… type in (your name) and add needs in Google and see what your needs are. Here are some of mine… apparently.

Iggy needs the support of Hispanic businesses
Iggy needs to let go, be unleashed
Iggy needs artistic Viagara
Iggy needs a new top.
Iggy needs to hone that jump shot.
Iggy needs more than a tribute disc is another Trainspotting soundtrack.
Iggy's needs to take 2 big steps back and decide what they want to be and stick with it.
iggy needs to learn to pass
Iggy needs to read Teen Girl Squad
Iggy needs a links page.
Iggy needs some young guys around him. He’s old.
Iggy needs a ciggy.
Iggy needs to abandon D'Arcy's Pint and go somewhere in town that serves 'real'horseshoes!!
Iggy needs to not post porn on his site!
Iggy needs your help.
Iggy, of course, needs no introduction.
Iggy needs to be in Iraq, in uniform, on night patrol, in downtown Bagdad.
Iggy Need A New Home


1 comment:

Rick said...

heh heh heh - great list. you're very needy, the kind of people Jesus loved :)