Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina relief

Katrina relief

I have been on the road for the past few days. Have not had anytime for TV and such to see how bad the disaster really is down in New Orleans. I am appalled at the politicization of this disaster by both parties. We were hit hard. We need to unite not divide.

This was what we call an act of God… I am not sure if God was behind it. I have read and heard many ideas that people have from China and Russia having the ability to cause drastic weather changes through something called H.A.R.P.S which I think is a little far out there to say the least. To Bush is letting people die because they are black.

Please. Don’t go there. Don’t play the blame game. Come on since 67% of the community of New Orleans is black I think mostly black people will be in the news… it has nothing to do with color. These are people.

We can go back later and figure out what we could have done better or right.

If God is involved in this I see it in only this way. It is to test how we will respond, and sorry we are not doing very well to say the least.

Please support a legitimate disaster response relief like the Red Cross. Pray for the people who are still very scared and trapped and possibly dying. Pray that they unite as a community.

I can only say again this is a time to unite not divide. Prayer and finding ways to give help should be our number one response right now.

I was going over some podcasts as I drove. This one by Alan Hartung, editor of the Ooze, was about the Tsunami that hit the day after Christmas. It has some interesting thought that might be useful during this time.


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