Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thoughts on sin and the fall

This was my response to some great questions Rick on his blog Caffeinated Adventures is asking.

The conversation is around sin.

Great questions! I am not attempting to answer the question per se, but share my journey.
All I can say in my journey sin is not right vs. Wrong thinking.... Sin is a state of being of believing we can on our own, know right from wrong and good from evil.

In Christ we are return to the "good" that all creation was, a return to innocence, as before the fall.
We fell from a state of Grace to a works mentality of seeking to find for our selves, right and wrong.

When we took upon our self to be the judge of good and evil as you stated I agree we chose to be as God.

I think this is what is wrong with most of modern thinking. They focus on right wrong, being fixated on the very thing that is our fallen state. So it seems that is the big struggle.

I see it as returning to total dependence on God the Father as Jesus Himself walked. Jesus did what was good and that was His focus, the result, righteousness satisfied. A bit of a dichotomy, yet that is as God is sometimes.


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