Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Some people on these Postmodern forums are so freakin' smart

Some people on these Postmodern forums are so freakin' smart I have to get smarter to even understand what you are saying...hahahahahahaI see it this way. I have friends who see me as a liberal.... I don't see myself that way at all, yet they think even to dialog with a liberal makes you one. I am very conservative politically...maybe mostly out of laziness...or frustration over the political scene as a whole. Yet, as I am on more pomo discussion groups I am as conservative as they come to some here as my friend jok once said..."you are a modern"...and "you don't' get it".maybe I don't... in essence that is the core of my frustration with moderns and even some who claim pomo as their hill of glory.I see so many "Christians" just settle for what ever view is taught them, often without being told there are other views out there as valid. I have seen when these other views are taught they are vilified and taught as if they are apostasy....and that is just "pre, mid, post, tribulations positions", I was told I was not saved because I was "LOOKING" into the mid trib position. I see, to not allow one to question, limits the ability to test our faith and to grow in it...To me sin is sin...but often the focus is on the sin and we miss that the sinner is loved and redeemable though Jesus. I have found new freedom in my walk to not "be". For one, as I talk to someone like the Muslim I talked to yesterday, when I do reach a friendship level, I will tell him I think all religion is the scourge of the earth an to be "religious" out side of taking care of the widows and orphans, is an act of self delusion...unless one has a relational aspect to not ones religion but to ones faith...iow to not delude our self with self piety by doing our religions but acting out ones faith in real tangible ways that witness to the Grace and Mercy of our living God.It is like the dead is dead because all things flow to it yet is refuses to give of itself so others may live...I want a river of living water as my faith...flowing, causing turbulence when needed, peacefully flowing at times and raging torrents that can catch one up in it... I choose to live.

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